17 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

buy and sell used homeschool curriculum

Wondering what to do with your used homeschool curriculum? Or looking to save money and buy used?

You’re in the right place! Here you’ll find at least 17 places to buy and sell your used homeschool curriculum.

But first, here’s a quick list of why it’s a good idea to buy or sell used homeschool curriculum in the first place:

  1. Cost savings – homeschooling can get expensive, so why not save some money where you can?!
  2. Help other homeschool families – when you sell your curriculum at a discount, you’re helping others families with their homeschooling efforts
  3. Environmentally friendly – reusing curriculum must help save a some trees, right?

We’ve divided our list of places to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum into a few main categories:

  • Where to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum online
  • Local options for finding and selling used homeschool curriculum
  • Other options to buying and selling curriculum

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Where to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum online

There are lots of great options for buying and selling homeschool curriculum online!

Some of these are expressly dedicated to homeschooling books and curricula, while others are secondhand bookstores.

Homeschooling and Online Book Stores

Homeschool Classifieds

This is a huge site with over 20,000-30,000 listings!

It is fairly easy to navigate and you can search for what you’re looking for by subject, grade level, or title/publisher.

Second Harvest Curriculum

This used homeschool bookstore allows you to sell your used homeschool books directly to them, so you don’t have to find a buyer yourself.

They also often have overstocks in their inventory that come straight from popular homeschool publishers, such as Bob Jones and Abeka.

Additionally, they offer same-day shipping for orders placed Monday through Thursday.

with Five in a Row, the book is read every day for five days

Exodus Books

This online Oregon-based book shop offers over 10,000 educational titles, many of which are used and offered at a steep discount.

While they’re a good place to look for purchasing used homeschool curriculum, they don’t offer an option for those looking to sell.

Abe Books

Specializing in helping you find rare books, Abe Books also has a large textbook section.

They do offer a Book Buy Back program if you want to sell your curriculum too.

Thrift Books

This popular online secondhand bookshop carries lots of options for homeschool curriculum, as well as any read-alouds or literature you could want!

We just found a copy of our favorite history curriculum, Story of the World, in good condition for only $7.89!

buying used books for homeschool curriculum

Half-Price Books

To find their used homeschool books, select “textbooks” on their main menu and then choose either “Homeschool (General)” or “Homeschool Resources.”

We couldn’t really determine the difference between the two, and we found used curriculum offered in both sections.

Facebook Groups

If you’re on social media, it could definitely be worth it to buy or sell you used homeschool curriculum on Facebook.

There are dozens of groups dedicated specifically to buying and selling curriculum. Here’s a quick list of the largest groups, as well as a few specific groups that caught our eye:

While you have a good chance of finding what you’re looking for in the larger groups, it can also be a good idea to take a look at some of the smaller groups and niche down.

For example, if you use the classical homeschool method in your homeschool, the Classical Homeschool USED Curriculum group would be a perfect option for you because it narrows your search automatically.

search local homeschool facebook groups

Facebook Group Buying and Selling Rules

Additionally, each group has certain rules you must agree to follow before you’re admitted. While the specifics vary slightly from group to group, most of the common group rules are:

  • you must use PayPal Goods and Services for all transactions
  • all items must be physical copies, no digital items allowed
  • if you post items for sale, you must delete your post after your items sell
  • no self-promotion of personal businesses, such as Usborne, etc.
  • you must be courteous and kind to others in the group

Joining each group requires you to agree to the rules and answer a few quick questions.

Homeschooler Market and Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Exchange were the quickest groups to approve and admit us into the group. In fact, it was almost immediately after we submitted our request!

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping

This Facebook group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps homeschoolers donate their used homeschool curriculum and resources to others who need them.

Those looking to buy only pay for the shipping costs!

It’s a very unique group with lots of rules (read them here), but if you follow them carefully, it can be well worth your time!

They also feature free homeschool resources and printables every Friday!

Free Resource Library

If you’re not already a member of The Reluctant Homeschool Mama’s Free Resource Library, you can join right here!

newly updated resource library

You’ll find over 85 printable resources to help you keep your homeschool organized and lots of fun.

Think reading trackers, book report forms, unit study planners, holiday fun worksheets, and more!

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Major online retailers

You may not think of major online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, as great places to score some great deals on used homeschool curriculum, but they are definitely worth a look!

If you are looking to buy used curriculum from a major retailer, we recommend Amazon.

And if you want to sell your used homeschool curriculum and are already familiar with eBay or have sold items there before, this would be a pretty simple option for you too!

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Where to buy and sell homeschool curriculum locally

While online shopping is definitely convenient, you may prefer to buy and sell your homeschool curriculum locally or in person.

This is especially a good idea if you are making initial decisions about which curriculum to buy or are looking to switch to a new curriculum.

At The Reluctant Homeschool Mama, we always appreciate the opportunity to get our hands on the actual curriculum before we buy, so shopping locally for curriculum makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few ways to do that:

Sponsor a curriculum swap and sale within your co-op

If you belong to a co-op, check to see if your director will allow you to host a curriculum swap or sale!

This can be done by simply choosing a day and a venue and getting the word out to the other homeschooling families in your co-op.

Invite everyone to bring their gently used, no-longer-needed curriculum and have ample table space for everyone.

used homeschool curriculum swap

It’s a good idea to decide in advance whether payments should be cash-only or if you’ll allow payments through apps like Venmo or PayPal.

Also, have a plan for what to do with any unclaimed curriculum at the end of your event. (Usually it is easiest to have everyone bring home what they brought if it didn’t sell.)

Search local homeschooling Facebook groups

While the large curriculum buying and selling Facebook groups are great, it can be nice to look for used homeschool curriculum in your local homeschooling Facebook groups too.

To find local homeschool Facebook groups, simply enter the name of your town and “homeschooling” or “homeschool group” into the Facebook search bar. Chances are there will several different groups to choose from!

While it may be more difficult to find a buyer or the curriculum you’re looking for, you will most likely not have any shipping fees involved and can save even more money.

Also, swapping or buying locally can also be a great opportunity to make a new connection with a local homeschooling family!

Local library sales and swaps

Check to see if your local library has an annual book swap or sale.

While you probably won’t be able to sell your old curriculum here, you can often find fantastic deals for buying used homeschool curriculum!

local library swap or sale

If you can’t find any information about a local library book sale, ask if there is a Friends of the Library organization in your town.

Often the Friends of the Library will house library overstocks and host their own quarterly or annual sales separate from the library itself.

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Other places to find used homeschool curriculum

While owning your own homeschool curriculum is most common, there are a few interesting other options to buying and selling it!

Trade curriculum with a friend

If you happen to have a close homeschooling friend and your kids are at different levels, stages, or grades you may consider trading curriculum over the years.

Be sure to work out a straightforward agreement together so both of you are aware of what to expect from your trade.

Rent used homeschool curriculum 

Another cool option that can help you get your hands on used homeschool curriculum is to rent it.

Yellow House Book Rental is the premier source for renting homeschool curriculum, and they offer both 5-month and 10-month rentals, as well as an option to buy.

Paperback Swap

The online book-swapping club, Paperback Swap, allows you to trade your used books.

While their name implies paperbacks, they do allow users to trade textbooks, curriculum, and hard-bound books too.

You pay the postage for the books you send out, so this is only a good option for someone looking to get homeschool curriculum, not sell it.

And in case you’re wondering about how long you can keep the books you receive, the PBS website states:

Books you request and receive are yours to keep, but you can choose to swap them again.

Final thoughts about buying and selling used homeschool curriculum

We hope you’ve found this list of places to buy and sell your used homeschool curriculum to be helpful!

Please let us know your experience with your curriculum buying, selling, or trading.

Or if you have any other websites or ideas to add, please drop them in the comments below! Thank you so much!

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17 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum17 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum17 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum17 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

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