The 10 Best Homeschool Paper Planners to Organize Your Homeschool

best homeschool paper planners

While online organizational tools are helpful, having an awesome homeschool paper planner can be a great idea!

I’ve always been a paper planner homeschooler, even before homeschool paper planners were a thing!

Years ago, I used to have to buy teachers’ classroom planners and convert them in my own way to meet our homeschooling needs. 

Thanks to a huge rise in homeschooling popularity, that isn’t the case anymore!

Before we get into the top 10 homeschool paper planners available on Amazon, here’s a quick look at the benefits of using a paper planner.

Reasons why homeschool paper planners are a good idea

According to Mentalfloss, planning on paper is helpful for at least 6 reasons: 

  1. Writing things out aids retention
  2. All of your plans are consolidated in a central place
  3. Planning long-term is easier
  4. Crossing off tasks brings a sense of accomplishment
  5. You can see a lot with a quick glance
  6. There are fewer distractions over planning on a device

Additionally, my homeschool paper planner keeps me motivated throughout the school year!

As I see the days and weeks pass, I get excited to see how much we can accomplish in a school year.

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Okay, now on to the 10 best homeschool paper planners for homeschool moms! I can’t wait to share these with you!

10 Awesome Homeschool Paper Planners Available on Amazon

I found all of these affordable homeschool paper planners below in a quick 10-second search on Amazon.

After purchasing all of them and reviewing them carefully, I’ve listed the pros and cons of each planner so you can get an idea of which one would be best for you! 

1.Mega Homeschool Planner and Organizer

by Homeschool Life Press, 226 pages


This great planner from Homeschool Life Press is divided into five large sections: the essentials, the plan, the schedule, tracking, and review and reflect. 

Here are the things included in the essentials section:

  • curriculum and resources list
  • accounts list
  • password tracker
  • field trip tracker
  • reading list
  • homeschool connections

The section called the plan helps you create a long-term overview of the school year. You’ll find these things located in this section: 

  • the year ahead
  • term and monthly goals

Next, the third section, called the schedule, is for maintaining your calendar and your planning. It features: 

  • monthly dashboard
  • monthly schedule
  • weekly lesson planning

The fourth section, called tracking, contains: 

  • student checklist
  • attendance checklist
  • budget tracker

Finally, in the fifth section, review and reflect, you’ll find that there is space for the following:

  • year in review
  • notes


This planner was created by a homeschool mom for other homeschool moms.

There’s no doubt that it was designed for flexibility.

There are no dates throughout the planner, so you could start using it at any time. (This is especially great for families who don’t follow a traditional homeschooling schedule throughout the year.) 

Additionally, it covers nearly every topic and is very thorough! It covered everything that you could possibly plan and record for your homeschool. 


While there’s a ton of flexibility, it took a little digging to figure out what some of the pages were for. For example, the page for the attendance tracker isn’t labeled, and I was a little confused about what it was at first. 

Additionally, the aesthetic of the monthly and weekly planning pages was odd – there were some lines missing on some of the calendar boxes, which left the calendar pages looking a bit messy. 

All in all, it was a great planner, but if the layout of the monthly and weekly planning pages is really important to you, you’ll probably want to keep looking.

2. The Homeschool Planner from Peaceful Press

The Peaceful Press, 192 pages


This gorgeous planner was created by another homeschool mom who really focuses on creating an intentional, goal-oriented homeschool plan.

It contains the following sections: 

  1. Goals for the year – for the family, and for up to 4 individual family members 
  2. 12 monthly tabs for recording monthly family goals, a calendar spread, space for 4 student schedules, 5-6 weekly spreads, and a page for notes
  3. The final tab has a book wish list, a reading log, attendance trackers, field trip planners, and grade trackers


This homeschool paper planner is the most beautiful planner we reviewed.

First, it has a hardcover with a simple design, a coil binding, and gold corners.

There are pretty tabbed dividers to easily locate each month and section. 

The planner lays flat and screams quality and intention. 

Also, this planner is completely undated, meaning you could start using it at any time during the year. 


This planner is more a life planner for a homeschool mom than an actual planner for your homeschool lessons.

If you are looking for a planner that will help you see your weekly menu, goals for the week, and a quick glance at your daily plan (whether for homeschool or not), this planner would be great.

But if you need a place to plan what each child will be learning in every subject, this planner would take a lot of work to become that. 

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3. 2022-2023 Homeschool Planner and Record Book

Mellanie Kay Journals, 458 pages


This planner from Mellanie Kay Journals is detailed to the last degree and is specific to the 2022-2023 school year.

The forward section contains:

  • a vision statement page
  • contacts, password, and account trackers
  • subject and curriculum planning pages
  • our school year at a glance pages
  • a field trip list
  • a great list of homeschool rules
  • school supply list
  • attendance register

Next, the Homeschool Planner and Record Book is divided into different sections for semester 1 (covering July through December) and semester 2 (covering January through July).

Each month includes:

  • a two-page calendar spread, which a few fun National Days and observances noted
  • monthly reading list
  • chore tracker

Each week includes:

  • lesson plan pages
  • a weekly planning page including sections for weekly goals, resources used, videos watched, activities completed, and notes
  • a weekly mean planner, with a shopping list
  • a full dot matrix page for notes

At the end of each month, there is also a monthly recap page to record successes, ideas, and things to learn. Finally, there is another dot matrix page for notes. At the end of each semester section, there is a grade tracker for each subject. 

Finally, the end section of the planner features a few pages for reflections about the past year and planning a few ideas for the year ahead. 


This is the largest homeschool paper planner of the bunch, with over 450 pages!

There is a great flow to the entire planning system, starting out with the big picture goals, leading you through to the planning and execution of those goals.

It is super thorough and beautifully designed!

If your students are in middle school or high school, they may be able to use this planner on their own! 


The biggest con about the Homeschool Planner and Record Book is that it is designed to be used for only one student. You could make it work if you have two students, but it would take some effort.

But if you are homeschooling one child, this paper homeschool planner would be ideal!

Also, if you start homeschooling in the middle of the school year, this planner wouldn’t be ideal because it is dated by month, week, and day. 

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4. Homeschool Mama 2022-2023 Homeschool Planner

Emmeline Bloom, 170 pages


This homeschool paper planner from Emmeline Bloom is loaded with everything you need to plan a great homeschool year.

At 170 pages, it’s also fairly compact, making it easy to take on the go if you ever needed to!

The beginning section has:

  • spaces for goal setting
  • local and state requirements
  • record of student strengths and weaknesses
  • a curriculum resource list
  • the year at a glance
  • student schedules for up to 6 students
  • a master weekly schedule
  • grade and attendance trackers for up to 6 students
  • an event tracker
  • reading logs
  • a list of contacts
  • a list of extracurricular activities
  • website logins reminder page
  • a page for notes

The rest of the planner is comprised of the monthly and weekly planning pages. With a two-page calendar spread, there’s a lot of room to record your top priorities for the month.

Following are the weekly spreads, with spaces for up to seven subjects Monday through Friday. There is also a small column for weekend plans, reminders, and notes. 

The last section of the planner is simply 6 lined pages for any additional notes. 


This homeschool paper planner is awesome if you are homeschooling A LOT of kids at once. There are spaces provided for SIX kids!

Also, this planner is fantastic for helping you plan your year from your big picture goals to actually establishing a weekly and daily plan.

It’s dated, which means you don’t need to spend any time writing that in. 


Admittedly, both of these cons are pretty minor.

A review or reflection page at the end of each month would be extra nice.

Also, the leaf-based art on the front and endpapers doesn’t really jive with the geometric cover art, but that is something that can easily be overlooked.

5. Chaos Coordinator – Homeschool Lesson Planner

June & Lucy, 148 pages


This homeschool paper planner from June & Lucy is pretty on the outside and very straightforward on the inside.

There are three opening pages to record your daily schedule, contacts, and field trips for each month. 

Then the planner is divided into sections on a six-week basis. There are two pages of to-do lists for six weeks, followed by six weekly spreads to plan assignments by subject. 

Finally, there are 17 dot pages for notes at the end of the planner. 


With a pretty, colorful hardcover and coil binding, this homeschool paper planner is visually appealing on the outside. 

It is also undated, so you could start using it at any time during the year. 


Sadly, this planner is pretty underwhelming compared to the others.

Other than planning out your lessons by subjects each week, this planner doesn’t offer a lot of the typical things you’d find in a homeschool paper planner – things like grade trackers, reading lists, curriculum lists, and more. 

Because this homeschool paper planner has such a pretty outer cover, I was expecting the inside to be just as lovely.

But there is no continuation of the flower motif and the paper crane artwork and large splashes of black and white on each page seemed rather disjointed. 

6. The Homeschool Planner: Minimalist Homeschool Lesson Planning Notebook

Ava Su, 180 pages


First, the “minimalist” in the title of the planner refers to the design of the planner, not to the content!

There are tons of great features included in this planner, beginning with a super helpful table of contents!

The four main sections of this planner are the essential planning information, weekly planners, subject planners, and grade trackers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each section.

In the essential planning section, you’ll find:

  • homeschool requirements page
  • two year at a glance pages
  • two pages of homeschool budgeting help
  • student information and report cards for up to four students
  • attendance tracker
  • reading list
  • field trip planner
  • password keeper
  • weekly master schedule

The 52 weekly planner page spreads include:

  • weekly focus and goals section
  • word of the week
  • weekly menu
  • lesson planning space for math, history, science, language, and 2 additional subjects for each weekday
  • weekly to-do list

The 24 subject planner pages feature books, activities, and an “other” section for recording what each student does within a specific school subject.

Finally, there are 24 grade tracker pages that allow you to keep tabs on up to six different subjects for four students.


We loved the simplicity and the design of this homeschool paper planner!

The fonts were lovely and the space on each page was used perfectly.

It seemed to be a perfect planner for a homeschool mom who needs to keep detailed records of her students’ schoolwork and grades.

Finally, it is undated, so you can start using it at any time during the school year.


Sadly, there were two things that detracted from the usefulness of this homeschool paper planner.

First, there were no monthly calendar spreads, which can be really useful to develop your homeschool plan over time.

Secondly, we weren’t really sure about how to use the subject planner pages. Because there are 24 of them, it’s clear they seemed important to the author.

We checked to see if we could find an example of these pages filled out anywhere, but weren’t able to. Too bad.

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7. The A+ Homeschool Planner

Amy Sharony, 260 pages


This homeschool planner, designed by a veteran homeschool mom, begins with a super helpful section titled “How to Use This Planner.” It provided really useful examples of what each part of the planner is designed to do.

There are four major sections in this planner: the year, the months, the weeks, and notes.

The Year section is pretty small. There are only two different spreads, one for establishing a quick monthly overview, and another for goal-setting.

The Months section of the planner consists of 12 undated monthly calendar spreads for your planning purposes.

The Weeks section makes up the bulk of the planner. For each week, there is a grid to help you plan your lessons for up to six students. Following the weekly spread, there are two pages for recording extra notes and a grade tracker.

Finally, the Notes section contains a short year-in-review page, two pages for notes, and a helpful resources list.


On nearly every page, there is a helpful homeschooling tip or an inspirational quote that we really appreciated!

From the very first page of this planner, you can tell that this planner was written by a fellow homeschool mom who really wants to help you succeed with your homeschool!

Additionally, this planner can be used for up to six students.


While this homeschool paper planner is incredibly detailed, we didn’t really care for the overall aesthetic.

Put simply: the cover isn’t pretty. Because your planner is something you’re going to be using daily in your homeschool, you’d probably want to look at something that is more visually appealing!

Additionally, we didn’t really like how the monthly calendar pages were all combined together instead of dispersed throughout the weekly pages, as they’d be used chronologically. To see where you’re at in the year, you have to flip first to the monthly section, and then to another section of the planner to find your weekly plan.

Lastly, placing the grade tracker at the end of each week didn’t make a ton of sense to us. To figure out your student’s cumulative grades for a semester, you’d have to comb back through each week and tally them elsewhere.

8. 2022-2023 Homeschool Planner for Multiple Students

Dbolac Center Press, 172 pages


Overall, this homeschool paper planner is pretty basic. On the plus side, it is really straightforward and easy to use.

There is a forward section that contains:

  • homeschool requirement list
  • student information chart
  • curriculum resource list
  • yearly calendar overview
  • ideas/plans/goals pages
  • contact and website lists
  • student schedules
  • master weekly schedule
  • attendance and grade trackers
  • book lists

The remainder of the planner consists of a monthly calendar spread, beginning with August of 2023, followed by several weekly planning pages.


We liked that this planner is fairly lightweight and easy to take on the go!

Also, it has space for up to six students, so that can be really helpful if you’re homeschooling a houseful!

Finally, the weekly spreads are very spacious. You can plan up to seven subjects, Monday-Friday. Additionally, there is a column for weekend plans, as well as a small notes column at the end of each week.


First, this homeschool paper planner can barely call itself a dated planner. The only dates you can find anywhere are on the monthly calendar spreads, but you still have to fill in your own dates on each weekly spread.

Most importantly, this planner seems a little skewed in how much space it gives to different sections.

For example, the curriculum resource list (only half a page for six students), and the grade trackers (two pages total!) seem to be too small, while the website and contacts lists take up two complete pages each.

9. Chaos Coordinator Homeschool Planner

PGCo Books, 179 pages


This is the second homeschool paper planner in our review with the title, “Chaos Coordinator,” but this one is significantly different from the other.

Unlike any other homeschool planner we’ve seen, this one allows you to plan for five kids.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find inside:

  • Year at a glance
  • 5 of each of the following: my goals pages, individual weekly schedules, weekly chore charts, attendance trackers
  • 52 week at a glance pages
  • 25 subject planner pages
  • 12 lesson plan pages
  • 5 grade trackers
  • 12 field trip planner pages
  • 5 each of reading book lists and library book lists
  • curriculum resource ideas page
  • 5 each of school supply checklists, budget planner pages, homeschool friends info pages


This planner has the best field trip planning pages of any of the homeschool paper planners we’ve reviewed! If you love planning or going on field trips, you’ll probably really like these pages.

All of the resource pages are well laid out and intuitive, and the overall look of the planner is inviting and organized.

Additionally, the subject planner pages would be awesome to use as unit study planners.


The major complaint we have about this planner is the week-at-a-glance pages. If you are looking for a planner to help you schedule what your kids will be learning in each subject each day of the week, this is not the homeschool planner for you.

But if you’re looking for a great record book to help you organize your homeschool mom life, definitely consider this savvy planner!

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10. Homeschool Planner 2022-2023

Bermed Planners, 154 pages


This was one of the most unique homeschool paper planners we purchased.

There are three main sections: essential information, school calendar, and record-keeping. Here’s what you’ll find in each section.

The essential information section contains:

  • state requirements and homeschool associations
  • school name, mission statement, and motto
  • student information
  • school year plan for up to 6 terms
  • subject/curriculum plan, curriculum needed pages, curriculum price guide
  • field trip planning pages
  • preschool week pages
  • book list
  • materials borrowed and materials loaned pages
  • unit study planning pages
  • subject order planner
  • individual weekly student schedules
  • personal weekly schedules

The school calendar portion features:

  • yearly goals
  • a dated monthly overview spread with a notes page, to-do list, important dates, and reminders list
  • a monthly calendar
  • notes pages
  • birthday log

Finally, the record-keeping section has the following pages:

  • attendance tracker
  • books read list
  • field trip log
  • online learning logs
  • volunteer activities pages
  • extra-curricular activities pages
  • outside courses log
  • grade trackers
  • unit study planning pages
  • a chore chart
  • contacts list


As mentioned before, this homeschool paper planner has some really unique features that we haven’t seen in any other homeschool planners.

For example, we really like several of the record-keeping pages, such as the volunteer and extra-curricular activities logs. These are especially great if you have kids who will soon be preparing college resumes!


While this planner has nearly everything you could ever need in a homeschool paper planner, there are at least three things we’d change.

First, the cover is too seasonal. While the fall motif and color scheme are great for the start of the school year, by the time spring rolls around, we could ourselves wishing for a different cover look.

Secondly, like the Chaos Coordinator Planner, this planner is awesome for record-keeping, but it isn’t for you if you need a place to plan your daily homeschool lessons by subject.

Also, there are unit study planning pages in both the essential information section and the record-keeping section. Our preference would be to keep them all together in the same section.

Finally, this is minor, but there is at least one typo that we found in the planner. On each of the weekly schedule pages, the word Monday appears as “Onday.” Sure, this is somewhat nit-picky, but it’s still a bit bothersome.

Final thoughts about these homeschool paper planners

Each of these homeschool paper planners from Amazon had pros and cons.

Last year, I chose the Homeschool Mama 2021-2022 Homeschool Planner. It was fantastic!

Although it didn’t have the coil binding that I love, it did have plenty of room for planning everything my 3 homeschool kids and I could ever need!

In fact, I liked it so much that I choose its sister planner, the Homeschool Mama 2022-2023 Homeschool Planner. It’s exactly the same inside, but the cover is different and there are a few additional guided reflection pages in the back that I really liked too!

Homeschool Paper Planner Awards 2022-2023

Here’s a quick awards list for the planners we’ve discussed in this article:

Best Homeschool Planner for Tracking Grades:

The Homeschool Planner: Minimalist Homeschooling Lesson Planning Notebook by Ava Su

Best Homeschool Paper Planner for Older Students Who Can Track on Their Own:

2022-2023 Homeschool Planner and Record Book by Mellanie Kay Journals

Best Homeschool Paper Planner for Planning Homeschool Mom Life:

The Homeschool Planner by The Peaceful Press

Runner-up: Chaos Coordinator Homeschool Planner by PGCo Books

Best Homeschool Planner for One Child:

2022-2023 Homeschool Planner and Record Book by Mellanie Kay Journals

Best Record-Keeping Homeschool Planner:

Homeschool Planner 2022-2023 by Bermed Planners

Best Overall Homeschool Paper Planner:

Homeschool Mama 2022-2023 Homeschool Planner by GR8 Creations

Hopefully, this review of the most popular homeschool paper planners available on Amazon has been helpful! Let us know in the comments below!

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Which of these homeschool paper planners would you pick? 

The 10 Best Homeschool Paper Planners to Organize Your HomeschoolThe 10 Best Homeschool Paper Planners to Organize Your HomeschoolThe 10 Best Homeschool Paper Planners to Organize Your HomeschoolThe 10 Best Homeschool Paper Planners to Organize Your Homeschool

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