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Let’s just state the obvious: being a homeschooling mom is NOT easy. 

Maybe you find yourself homeschooling because you want to protect your kids’ health the best you can. Maybe your typical public school option isn’t even available to you at the moment. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try homeschooling, but just weren’t quite sure how you could make it happen … until now. 

For whatever reason you are now calling yourself a homeschooling mom or how reluctant you feel, let me tell you that you CAN do this!

No matter how overwhelming the days or curriculum choices may be, please know that you are NOT alone. 

In fact, a recent report estimates that there will be 8.5 million homeschooled kids in the United States alone for fall 2020 – that’s up a mere 6 MILLION kids from spring of 2019! 

Truth be told, I started out as a reluctant homeschool mama myself nearly eight years ago. As a young mother, I was adamant that I would NEVER homeschool my kids. But here I am – and I have grown to love it. You can learn more about how and why I became a homeschooling mom right here! 

Whether being a homeschool mom is something you’ll be for the next school year or for many school years to come, it’s my goal to help you move from reluctant homeschool mama to a rockstar homeschooling mom!